Rachman – All of Our Bones EP

I had the opportunity to record and produce the pure and delicate music Rachman Tjahjono composes. The idea was to record it as pure and ‘lo-fi’, so no studio environment but just my living room with squeaking wooden floors and a busy street. The initial plan was to only record the vocal and guitar, backing vocals and light percussion. I soon realised some minimal ambient layers and effects would emphasise the moods as described in Rachman’s lyrics.



HP Sprocket Plus

For this commercial featuring Maan, a famous Dutch singer, I made a custom music composition and recorded the voice-over of Maan her best friend Emma. The commercial is divided in 2 parts. The first part is more emotional and focusses more on pre show and back-stage tensions and in the second part, Maan gets a surprise visit of her best friend Emma while on holiday in Croatia. Here the music resembles parties and loads of fun. The voice-over is recorded with my Schoeps CMIT5u microphone and recorded on a Sound Devices 633, which I absolutely love for it’s warm sounding pre-amps! Shots by Roderik Patijn.HP4HP3HP2HP1

Laura Palmer

Since winter 2017 I joined the Nugaze/postrock band Laura Palmer. From the first moment I met founder Rob Huurman, we had a click in humor and above all musical interests. So immediately after their former singer decided to leave the band, Rob asked me to join the band. At first I needed to grow more in confidence to actually sing again. It was almost 20 years ago that I sang in a band.


After one rehearsal it quickly became clear that I loved being in a band again and the band embraced my way of creating music so now we’re ready to hit the road, hard!


The video below shows my debut performance with the band. I mixed and mastered the multitrack recording which came directly from the mixing desk in the venue and the video edit was done by me as well. Filmed by: Fleur Beemster and Nico de Voogd


1 LP live2 LP livelaura banner

A.I. Revolt

“A.I. Revolt” is a mini film about a hypothetical near future in which Artificial Intelligence has become the dominant form of intelligence on earth. And It’s hunting for human beings. For this rollercoaster ride short movie I did the on-set recordings, sound design and music. Plus we won the 1st price on the Dutch Drone Film Festival 2017 in the category Artistic!

Director, Producer and Editor: Maarten Slooves
Cinematographer: Roderik Patijn
Actress: Sanne Mieloo
FPV Aerial Pilot: Chris de Graaff
Voice Over: Nadja Freeman
Mechanical Engineer: Arne Boon
VFX: Olivier Binkhorst
Production Assistance: Tara Middag
Graphic Design: Tamar Slooves

A.I. Revolt Full - Grading V2.00_02_23_02.Still013A.I. Revolt Full - Grading V2.00_02_06_14.Still012AI revolt pic4

72hrs The Hague Film Contest

Writing, shooting and editing a short movie in 72 hours is quite a challenge. But we did it and even won 2nd place! In total 26 teams participated this contest, the top 10 was shown in a big movie theater.

The only rules were that it shouldn’t be over 4 minutes in length, it must contain a living animal (we even managed to have multiple in the film) and include the phrase (in Dutch) “Dit is de eerste keer.” (This is the first time.)

For this film I did the full audio process; from on-set recordings, editing and music.

We also managed to do an interview (in Dutch) while shooting, you can watch it here.

Promise Technology presents: Apollo

Professional Redbull Athlete / BMX Freestyle Rider Daniel Wedemeijer can be found each day at the BMX Freestyle park located in the south of the Netherlands. He has to be on top of his game to prepare himself for the next BMX Free Style contest in Europe or in the United States showing his magic on stage and in competitions.

He stores his BMX Freestyle training runs for fun & evaluation on the Promise Apollo. This is a private cloud solution designed to share data with his friends and not overloading his smartphone.

Shot and directed by: Rodivision and I had much fun creating the sound design afterwards.

Inside the Mind of Favela Funk

The documentary shows the perspective of the favela youth and aims to find the relation between the favela funk lyrics and their personal, daily (love) lives, dominated by a lawless subculture of drug gangs, violence and sex.

‘Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ gives in insight in the current Brazilian underground music and its corresponding sexual values, but it also shows a search for faith, hope and love.

On this documentary I worked on the sound edit mostly. It was quite a challenge, Rio De Janeiro is very much alive and so are it’s inhabitants! Everything has to be louder than everything else.

This film (by Elise Roodeburg and Fleur Beemster) is currently featured on filmfestivals all over the world.

Residentie Orkest

Recording orchestra’s is something special. To capture this enormous sound, the acoustics of the concerthall are one the most important aspects. Luckily the Zuiderstrand Theater is a great place to record an orchestra and I was happy with the results. The Residentie Orkest wanted 2 short clips; one for Christmas and one for birthdays for sending their clients as a friendly and funny gesture. The composed special short arrangement of Jingle Bells and Lang Zullen Ze Leven (Dutch version of Happy Birthday).  Filmed by Maarten Slooves and Roderik Patijn.