Post Ebola Sierra Leone

Maarten Slooves went to Sierra Leone in the summer of 2018 and got in touch with Lion Heart Foundation, a charity organisation in Sierra Leone working on the development of a self-sustaining medical centre. Because Sierra Leone was only recently in 2015 declared free from Ebola, he was interested to learn how the country had endured a period plagued by one of this century’s largest health threats. More interestingly, how Sierra Leone is currently paving the road forwards in facing the challenge of its own recovery.

Annually he aims to donate time to charity organisations involved in what he sees as life-changing work, specifically with a contribution of his time in producing film and photography content and I jumped on board to help him out with the audio post production. The Lion Heart Foundation focuses on supporting the medical center so it develops into an organisation independent from foreign support – this element particularly has motivated him to take steps in becoming more deeply involved.