Move was the 10th inclusive theater project of Caroline Rottier. Twenty-eight people with  disabilities worked for over a year together with professional actors to create this dynamic and mood moving play. Together with musicians Piet MarisBassel Abou Fakher  and Yamen Martini, I created the soundscapes and music. The four of us had a really nice chemistry during rehearsals and especially on stage during the show. Because of our different backgrounds, we created a fusion between Arabic Oriental with Western Folk-ish music.

I’ve recorded the show from the position of the audience and you can listen to a small snippet just below. This fragment was a live improvisation during a choreographic dance  movement between some of the actors and in the background there was a film called Roadmovie. I used an old Citer and Darbouka plugged into different effects and created bluesy loops as a fundament so Piet (accordeon), Bassel (cello) and Yamen (vocal, trumpet) could improvise on top of that.


Below a video of me having fun with my 100year old citer, just before one of the shows. The citer was connected with my looper and  all the effects I used during the shows. Recorded on my phone so don’t expect high quality.