Since 2008 I work together with Caroline Rottier as a sound designer and composer of soundscapes for the theater plays she writes. Her plays mostly include disabled people as well as actors and dancers. This particular play ‘Dada’ was part of Monsens 2015 and was one hell of a ride. The small Belgian city of Mons was the Cultural Capital of Europe during that year. We got inspired by the cult movement of Dadaism and we sure did succeed in making it even more absurd! Together with 4 very talented Jazz musicians; Luc Van Lieshout of Tuxedomoon, Jeroen Capens and Otto Kint of Otto Kintet and Steven Van Gelder, we made an intens and dynamic ride filled with emotions, frustrations, insane laughter topped of with a healthy dose of chaotic impulses.

The video above “Masks” is created by Bernard Dexters and was one of the cinematic poems shown during the play. I wanted the soundscape to be mystic, shamanistic and a bit feverish. This emphasises the fact that the audience was witnessing a performance done by 38 people with disabilities whom can never take of their ‘masks’.