A.I. Revolt

“A.I. Revolt” is a mini film about a hypothetical near future in which Artificial Intelligence has become the dominant form of intelligence on earth. And It’s hunting for human beings. For this rollercoaster ride short movie I did the on-set recordings, sound design and music. Plus we won the 1st price on the Dutch Drone Film Festival 2017 in the category Artistic!

Director, Producer and Editor: Maarten Slooves
Cinematographer: Roderik Patijn
Actress: Sanne Mieloo
FPV Aerial Pilot: Chris de Graaff
Voice Over: Nadja Freeman
Mechanical Engineer: Arne Boon
VFX: Olivier Binkhorst
Production Assistance: Tara Middag
Graphic Design: Tamar Slooves